Hello and welcome to my World War 1 aircraft models site.

I started constructing plastic model kits as a child, many years ago, but as happens, stopped as I grew up and didn’t start modelling again until I was in my early twenties. Another long break in modelling followed whilst I served in the Royal Air Force and later, as a civilian Technical Author. I’m now retired and find the time to fill my days with my passion for modelling. Although my 27 years in the Royal Air Force was spent on both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, my passion was always aircraft of the period covering World War 1 and therefore the models I build are those types of aircraft and in 1:32 scale. Most of these models have been modified and/or corrected to make them as authentic as possible. It was during my service career that I aquired the name ‘Sandbagger’, due apparently to the many ‘tall’ stories I would tell. Gallery Contents My models are shown on separate pages and some are accompanied by a ‘build log’ created in PDF format. These build logs detail, where possible, details of the pilot and of the particular aircraft. They also include reference material photographs and drawings as well as full stage by stage chapters on how the model was constructed. The build logs are for modellers to download and use as either a building guide or as reference material. The PDF’s have book marked Chapters if viewed in ‘Adobe Reader’. Look for the ‘PDF’ icon. Since 2007 I’ve been involved with the World War One flight simulator ‘Wings Over Flanders Fields’, created by Old Brown Dog (OBD). In addition I created the web site ‘EAW Tally-Ho’, which since 2002 has hosted third party modifications for the flight simulator ‘European Air War’, originally released by MicroProse. Mikes WW1Aircraft Models 2018
Mike’s WW1 Aircraft Models
Mike ‘Sandbagger’ Norris